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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 10, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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tonight on the 10:00
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$1 million for information that will lead to mr. dorner's capture. a seven figure reward being offered tonight to end the man hunt for a former cop accused of killing three people. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. >> we will not tolerate this ring of terror. we will not tolerate this murdering remaining at large. strong words tonight as the search for a former cop turned killer heads into a week leaving southern california on edge. tonight a new tactic in the search for christopher dorner. the reward, some may call it a bounty . >> reporter: los angeles has so
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much to lose if he strikes again. >> there are over 50l.a.p.d. families that have not only security, but surveillance. >> reporter: cops in fear, in fact, today's briefing was held under ground at the police department for safety. >> these 50l.a.p.d. families are targets of dorners and are likely victims. >> reporter: christopher dorner and his rant have california in fear. the $5 million reward fits what they call domestic terrorism. >> this is a man who has targeted those that we entrust to protect the public. his actions cannot go unanswered. >> we will not tolerate anyone under mining the security, the tranquility of our neighbors
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and our community -- underminding our security. >> reporter: a dismissal process the chief says will be reviewed but the 33-year-old navy veteran has not surfaced in days leading to extra security in and outside tonight's high profile grammy awards at the staple center in los angeles. about the same time, an apparent false sighting that brought officers swarming to this lowe's. the high reward will likely spark more false phone calls. >> this reward is not if, it's when. and i want dorner to know that. >> reporter: deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. the funeral for the river side police officer who police say was shot and killed is scheduled for this wednesday.
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michael crane leaves behind his wife, a 10-year-old son and 4- year-old daughter. river side police say crane and his daughter were ambushed by dorner on thursday. crane's partner was also hit by gunfire but is expected to survive. santa clara county authorities are investigating a fatal shooting today as a possible botched murder suicide. deputies responded to a 911 call in an incorporated area of san jose. they found a man who had been fatally shot outside. another man then showed up to the hospital with a gunshot wound. >> we are not sure if this is an attempted homicide with a suicide or any other crimes that may be involved. we hope to have more details later in the evening or early tomorrow. >> officers say the killing appeared to be an isolated i
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-- incident. san francisco police received reports of gunfire around 2:00 this morning near hayes and webster street. when they arrived they found a 23-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the chest. police are urging anyone with information to contact them. police are searching for clues in a fatal shooting last night in the city's laurel neighborhood. it happened around 10:30 in the 4, 4,000 block of quigley street. the victim may be a 19-year-old berkeley man who's name has not been released. oakland police are scrambling recently hired a consultant. tonight the public heard about the police chief and mayor about the next step. jade hernandez was at this
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packed meeting, jade. >> reporter: we're live in downtown oakland where oakland residents showed up looking and listening for answers and this is what they heard this packed auditorium gathered to hear from this panel and from waterman. he discussed former l.a.p.d. advisor bratten. >> bratten is not about stop and search. he's looking to improve the internal practices in the police department. >> reporter: he says bratten expects community reviews and comments before he implements a plan. chief howard jordan today pointed to last month's operation giddian which pulled a number of weapons off the street. >> we have to shoot for about 1,000. that's the only way for us to
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provide adequate police service to these residents. >> there are about a dozen cities that are in the same situation as us. they've really been adding resources and i think the governor and now even the county realize that you know oakland has a high enconcentration of poverty. >> reporter: those who listened had their own ideas about the city's issues. >> when we had high crime before we had gangs. >> go get the people with the guns. these kids are not gang banging. >> reporter: bratton was expected to attend the meeting but at the last minute didn't. he expects to be in the city next month when he will be advising the city. a car ended down a ravine
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around 2:00 this afternoon. crews used ropes and pulllies to get that person out. both victims were brought to trauma centers. they are expected to survive. the road was back open shortly after 7:00 p.m. firefighters battled a blaze overnight at a homeless encampment. it started around 2:30 next to a postoffice. it took firefighters 45 minutes to get the flames under control. no one was hurt. in mississippi a tornado tore through hattisburg and residents there picked up their cameras to catch the tunnel on tape. >> it's happening right outside my hotel. look at that. look at all that damage dude. >> one woman told reporters that the tornado sounded like a train and when she sought shelter in her bedroom. the windows blew in. so far there's report of three
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people hurt. the northeast is still digging out from this weekend's powerful snowstorm. hundreds of thousands are stuck without power tonight. and many others are just stuck. reporter lisa evers has the story. >> it's just a real tense situation. god forbid if somebody got hurt we wouldn't be able to get an ambulance here or any first responders. >> reporter: we had to meet this man down the road because his plows have not been plowed. even an suv turned around. now he's wondering how he will get to work and his kid to school. >> this is insane. this is an insane amount of snow. >> reporter: one neighbor got
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so frustrated snowplows had not gone by their street and tried to plow his own road just to take his daughter to the airport. >> roads are treacherous. not good. not plowed. all the back roads aren't plowed. we got half way down, had to turn around. >> that was lisa evers reporting. this video shows you how fast the snow fell there and how fast it piled up. boston recorded its fifth largest snowfall. a gun show in solano county draws big crowds. why it was not guns but am in -- ammunition that was a big
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seller at the event. >> shots ring out at last night's new orleans celebration. what police are saying tonight about the gunfire. it's the next best thing about flying yourself. personal drones but what about your privacy. you can't move the tv there.
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police were called to the scene of an assault with a deadly weapon on martin luther king way. they say when they arrived the suspects took off in a silver honda. officers chased the car for several blocks before the suspects ran off. officers were able to caught one man but the other ran off. the victims in all of this did not suffer life threatening injuries. dozens of gun owners showed up for a gun show in solano county today. one of their biggest concerns, was not guns, it was ammo. >> reporter: people walked into the code of the west gun show in vallejo. >> the obama administration and their pushing for gun laws then the california state legislature has a massive amount of gun laws. >> reporter: last week
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california senate democrats unveiled a package of 10 gun control bills. one would require permits to buy ammunition. that idea is driving up prices. >> 500 rounds, right. >> reporter: how much did it cost you? >> $500. >> reporter: is that more expensive. >> a lot more expensive. >> reporter: he says last week he was able to buy the same ammo for 65-cents a bullet. >> they're really hard to come by. >> reporter: if they could find the ammo they were looking for, they would stock up and wheel it out. the cities of los angeles and sacramento already require people to get a permit in order to buy ammunition. but some of the people at this gun show were worried that
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could become a statewide law in the future. allie rasmussen. those people who got vouchers for last month's gun buy back, can cash out their vouchers. an additional $7,000 in vouchers were issued. those can be redeemed for cash this coming friday, inside the showcase theater. police are looking for a gunman who robbed a man in the parking lot of his apartment complex. the victim had just parked in the carport yesterday morning around 8:45. officials describe the gunman as being in his late 20s, early 30s wearing a gray track suit and a hoodie. detectives say they are looking for a connection in another robbery and they're asking
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people to be aware of their surroundings. a democratic senator and republican assemblywoman introduced legislation the authors say it's bad policy when lawmakers are forced to vote on bills they department have enough time to read. marine general dunford faces major challenges ahead as he works toward the withdraw of military forces in the next few months. you can far more easily
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limit collateral damage with a drone than you can with a bomb even a precision guided munition off an airplane. >> reporter: senator angus king says the unmonitored use of deadly drone strikes makes the president the judge, jury and executioner. he and others now want some sort of review before drone strikes are used on u.s. citizens. the controversial subject of drones in this country. last thursday, seattle police acknowledged the idea of using drones after community opposition. tonight health and science editor john fowler investigates other drones, personal drones that have some fantastic and frightening possibilities. >> reporter: drones already fly over the bay area recording anything, anyone, even you almost without restriction. jason short is an industrial designer at tech guy.
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one of many in the bay area who fly sophisticated camera drones as a hobby. >> i'm just trying to have fun. it is a lot of fun because it's challenging. >> it's really an authentic feeling. you can look around and just the same you would look around in an airplane you can look around in this and you can see what this sees, it's pretty spectacular. >> reporter: for less than $1,000 in parts it's a high definition surveillance camera. within line of sight, technologically almost unlimited, autonomous any where. >> we can click on a map and say go here, and it will go there and hoover. and i can say, look at this point and it will look at that point and hoover. >> reporter: some are concerned
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about the issue of privacy and security. >> if i'm sitting in my backyard enjoying a naked sunbathing afternoon. if a tiny little drone flies over i don't know that i shouldn't be doing something to protect my privacy. >> reporter: the aclu refuses the use of drones in alameda county and elsewhere, it's taken no position yet on private drones. with stronger memories and bigger batteries drones can pick up more. this one is fake for a video game but a drone with a gun is possible. >> if i were still active and i saw one of those doing something like that i would shoot it down. you know pure and simple. destroy it. >> reporter: former alameda sheriff charles plumber says it's an faa problem. law enforcement and the faa are already concerned about drones in the national air space. we obtained this video of a
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drone buzzing the golden gate bridge. parks and schoolyards all could be vulnerable. >> of course i'm worried about like all reasonable people should be. >> reporter: small, smart drones can do amazing things, play music. go through windows or loiter outside a closed window. >> it's obviously an invasion of privacy and you should deal with the situation when it happens. >> reporter: drones could help where it's too dangerous for people storms or fires. drones already observe wildlife though this texas raptor was not too happy about it. they can document your hero moments following you with a tracking device in your pocket. >> you can actually see yourself on the ground and you're able to get news that are pretty unbelievable. >> reporter: face it the drone revelation is here. a pave new world with many possibilities and few rules.
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health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu news. a fatal helicopter crash in california claims three lives. what the helicopter was doing early this morning that is raising questions about a popular tv genera. the lunar new year kicks off across the earth the sights and sounds welcoming the year of the snake. the bay area is in the clear right now. coming up at 10:37, the one direction temperatures will be headed. and we'll tell you if we have any significant changes in the upcoming forecast.
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the sound of gunfire sent crowds running in new orleans during their mardi gras celebration this is weekend. one man was critically injure, three others were also wounded. new orleans police say the shooting happened after an argument and they have identified one of the suspects.
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the deadly predawn crash of a movie production helicopter in los angeles county is raising safety questions about reality television. the chopper crashed at the pulsa rosa ranch south of palm dale early this morning. all three men on board were killed. the helicopter were being used for an untitle work. the stampede happened as millions were making their way for. those who bathe in the conjoined waters are cleansed of their sins and are given blessings that extend through many generations. this is the fifth stampede
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since 1940. two separate attacks in thailand killed five soldiers and wounded five others. tonight the government says islamic mil -- militants are believed to be responsible. and in italy it was the battle of the oranges, the orange throwing fest is part of an ancient six day carnival that commemorate it is city's defiance against a 12th century tyrant who tried to rape a commoner on eve of her wedding. well the woman ended up decapitating that ruler and the oranges, a symbol of his head. the monks encouraged those gathered to try to remember the
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powerrer of mindfulness, to nourish the seeds of compassion. in melbourne australia thousands took part of the celebration. it's the year of the water snake. this year is also the year of the black snake, a year that some say can bring unexpected changes. that is why some warn it's important to make careful plans and be cautious throughout this year. a warning for bay area drivers tonight, the road work happening right now on a major freeway. plus preparing for the worse. the reason why helicopters, ambulances and the military descended on one east bay city. fast and furious and totally legal the event that had people fulfilling their need for speed. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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>> a first of its kind disaster drill was held tonight in fremont. ken wayne tell us about the aim to better prepare first responders. >> reporter: the screams are as fake as the blood and some of the acting -- >> you're on the highway, okay. we're going to take care of you. >> reporter: is better than others. >> i don't know. everything went black. >> reporter: while this drill in fremont falls short of a real disaster, there is no doubt it has real value to those involved. >> i think this is a really good experience for us because we actually get to see it. >> reporter: dinka arifovic is a student. this awareness drill can help her be prepared. but what sets this drill apart
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is that the military is involved. along with local law enforcement to practice how to respond to disaster and work together. >> that gives a better fit for us. be interested in what we're doing, how we operate and how the civilians operate. >> reporter: you can find these military personnel and nursing students and local law enforcement all working together on any kind of disaster. >> communication is always the main thing. being able to cross talk with everybody from fire to police you know that's the big thing. >> you need to get on here. so we can get you out of here because it's still pretty dangerous up here all right. >> reporter: the drill is a first but organizers say it will not be the last. teaming california military with first responders. caltrans is warning drivers that construction on the east
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bay freeway may cause some delays. crews are widening southbound 880 from oakland to marina boulevard in san leandro. the work requires lane and ramp closures. the closures are scheduled if 8:00 to 5:00 in the morning on weekends. gas prices are jumping again. national prices jumped almost 25-cents. spikes during the past week here in the bay area, a gallon now costs $5.02 in san francisco. a 14-cent increase. american airlines and u.s. airways finally announced a merger after months of negotiations. the boards of both carriers are expected to meet tomorrow to approve a plan. it woud then meet approval from america -- i would then meet
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approval from america's bankruptcy plan. american airlines would keep the american airlines name and be based out of dallas. sources have only said that it would use mobile operating systems and is based on a curved glass device that follows the contour of the human body. there were tips that apple was interested in a watch by intel with an inch and half display. one center in patterson is expected to open this summer and another one in tracy this fall. so far the online retail giant has posted three openings for each location but the two centers are expected to create hundreds of new jobs in those areas. there is a report out today that the america's cup race could turn into a financial avatros for san francisco. the chronicle reporting that
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fund raising efforts has stalled at $14 million. the race was pitched as a $300 million breadwinner. but as the number of competitors dwindled to just three, sponsorship has declined. they could be fast, dangerous and out of control but today street racers were able to burn rubber in a legal event. cara liu reports. >> reporter: in the parking lot of the oakland coliseum, the sports car club of america's san francisco region held its season opener. >> i love cars, i love driving fast. and there's no safer place to do it. >> there's nothing like it. you're in the car and you're just amped and once that flag goes, it is just pedal to the metal, fast as you can, as
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quick as you can. >> reporter: the event looked very close to an incident on the freeway where cars stopped traffic. >> everybody knows the rules. we're mature people. every car has been checked. you know all the gears have been checked. so we run an extremely safe structured event. >> anyone can get out there and do donuts but to get out here and race a car and learn how to really control a car, it's difficult. >> reporter: more than 250 people took part in today's auto cross event. they ranged in age from a 5- year-old driving a go cart to retirees in their late 70s. in oakland, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. big honors tonight for some local musicians. the top prize tagged by the san
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francisco symphony. it may be the dead of winter but the temperature is on the rise. mark tamayo is next with just how warm it's going to get out there. >> also, you can get ktvu news to go right on your cell phone just download the ktvu app. click the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live. be connected any time any where. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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well we are wrapping up a very nice weekend here in the bay area but just remember a few hours ago we were tracking some severe weather across parts of the south. good news no more tornado warnings to talk about but still quite a bit of some rainfall and heavy rain in fact, is showing up moving into
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parts of georgia. across the west we have this, mostly clear skies. the storm track being pushed up way to the north. as a result there's no threat of rain for the next five to six days. but nothing shows up just yet. as far as current temperatures with clear skies temperatures are dropping off quite a bit. already in the upper 30s out toward napa. santa rosa currently 41 degrees. and san jose our friend from san jose reporting mostly clear skies and 49. as far as rainfall we were talking about that thankfully we had a very wet december. january very dry, february off to a dry start as well. santa rosa just over 23-inches of rain. with each day that is dry, we bring these percents of averages as you can see. no clouds in our forecast even for tomorrow, with the exception of just a patch or two of fog especially up in the
10:40 pm
north bay that could impact your visibility for the monday morning commute. temperatures to start out the day. upper 20s in santa rosa, napa lots of 30s and the warmest locations not so warm. basically the lower 40s out toward san francisco and pacifica. high pressure in charge of our weather this will continue to strengthen over the next few days and as a result these are the headlines a warming trend and also a northerly breeze developing primarily just for tomorrow especially for the hills up above 1,500 feet and up toward the delta region we could have winds approaching 29 miles per hour for tomorrow morning. the storm track being pushed up to the north and temperatures warm up by wednesday, thursday and friday. here we are tomorrow morning at 7:00, lots of 30s, the coolest locations will be in the upper 20s. notice we'll put this into motion into the afternoon hours. we do recover back up by 3:00. back up into the upper 50s. with green contour. this links up with the 60s. these numbers about the same as
10:41 pm
today. santa rosa will go 63 degrees. hayward 61. san francisco right about 60. so more neighborhoods coming up for you, san jose 62. san mateo 61 degrees. a look ahead at the forecast for your days ahead. lots of sunshine, temperatures on track to reach the 60s. look what happens by thursday and friday. warmest locations flirting with the 70-degree mark. with your weekend always in view we'll cool things off with a sun cloud mix. thankfully we had so much rain in december but right now it's kind of a little scary out there. we do not see a change in the rain pattern in the next few days. >> i was talking to some water folks, they say two good storms the rest of the winter and we should be okay. >> we still have some time in the rain season. the san francisco symphony
10:42 pm
won an award. the recording is of a live concert in two pieces. the express adam experienced in a ferrari, and l era is more soulful. it is the 15th grammy for the san francisco similar symphony. organizizers of the 17th annual fly away festival say the bay area is the largest stop over in the west coast. more than 1 million shore birds are expected with geese and song birds. as you see here from these pictures the birds didn't seem to find all that attention. >> pretty mellow. final action of the proam. >> and the cal bears hope to
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